Enrichment through Parenting workshop

Enrichment through Parenting workshop is an immensely powerful workshop as it throws light on our karma related to our relationships with our parents, our children, our siblings, and anyone we could be parenting unknowingly (eg: our mate, colleagues,  sub-ordinates, etc.)

Parenting related karma is one of the most difficult to face ourselves through, as there is a lot of responsibility that we associate with our parents/children and believe that to be natural. In living this karma, we forget the purpose of creation of parenting, which was to recognize ourselves through the process of parenting/creation, and not be burdened by our responsibilities.

This workshop reveals how even before we become parents, we live the karma of parenting through our relationships, due to such karma being accumulated by us over lifetimes. Therefore, this workshop should not be perceived to be limited to serve people who are parents already, rather it reveals atrocious realities of our being which cause misery and suffering in our daily lives.

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