About Shivi Dua

Shivi Dua is the originator of Serenity Surrender (SS). In understanding and resolving situations of her life, Shivi created SS. She, being a computer software professional entered the path of spirituality and healing to cure her daughter through Alternative Healing Methods. She learnt and practiced Reiki and thereby trained people for the same. She then moved to Theta Healing, which acted as a stepping stone in her path to becoming the creator of one of the most profound healing therapy, Serenity Surrender. Leading her life the healing way and practicing Theta healing, she was guided to heal herself and others, in a specific manner, which came about as SS. She saw the magical results of the therapy for herself and her clients and was then guided to train others to practice it as a way of life. This is when SS was introduced in the form of various workshops.

Today, SS is a widespread Alternative healing method affecting and altering the lives of many, by showing them the path towards attaining Love, Peace & Joy.

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