About The Therapist

I have always felt a connection with some higher source. Even while i was a kid myself, i remember being guided on each step and at all times. In those days, i was unaware of this connection being prevalent in all. I believed this to be my secret power, and hence i tried to guard and hide it. With time, i started to see my power diminish and even lost.

Later in life, i faced with innumerable situations where i missed my power and the guidance therefrom. I believed i had committed something really wrong (that i was not aware of), as i had lost access to it. My situations kept intensifying and becoming greater challenges for me each day. I needed someone to pull me, else i would have drowned myself in the pit of self pity, unawareness, darkness, negativity, blames, etc.

Then i came across this book by Dr. Brian Weiss, ‘Many lives, many masters’, wherein i came across case-studies of clients who had similar issues like mine. I was too tempted to try this Alternative Healing Therapy “Past life regression”. I searched for a therapist, and found one very soon. Then, as my energies had pre-decided the course of my journey, i was guided to this transcendental therapy called, ”Serenity Surrender”. I entered the first workshop with an intent to change my situations, but i came out with much more. I saw a positive ray enter each aspect of my life. This had transformed my perspective towards life. I no longer blamed myself or my situations, rather saw each of them as a hidden lesson. I noticed a myriad of changes in my thoughts and my life.

As i kept progressing on the path of SS, my faith in myself and SS deepened. Then i was guided to take a step forward, and recognize myself through a greater platform, going beyond my known zones. This aided in me becoming a channel to help others recognize themselves, which lead me to become a therapist & trainer in SS.


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