Serenity Surrender

Serenity Surrender(SS) is a healing modality which connects you to your higher consciousness and allows you to access your inner power, through which you can resolve issues in your life and restore your balance. Through SS, we can deal with anything that bothers you in life, be it your:

Health problems,

Chronic diseases,

Financial problems,


Confidence issues,


Relationship issues,

Fears & Phobias,

Negative thoughts,

Spiritual growth, etc.

The ideology of SS is that we all carry beliefs in our sub-conscious mind, which manifest in our lives to help us understand ourselves through them. In order to manifest a change in our lives, we must change the related beliefs in our sub-conscious mind. SS allows one to connect with their sub-conscious mind, find beliefs related to their issue, and also find where are those beliefs coming from. Once we heal those beliefs from their source, we see a change in our thoughts and in our lives.

How can we help you:

  • Connecting with your sub-conscious mind and discovering the reasons why are you facing a specific problem and healing them, to see a change in your physical reality.
  • Space Cleansing: We can connect with the energy of a specific space (house, apartment, office, shop, etc.) and cleanse any prevalent negativity thereof and fill it with positive energy to allow you to make the most appropriate use of that space and help you grow effortlessly.
  • We can help you get answers to quench your thirst for knowing about Life, its meaning, its purpose, and even Death.
  • We can help you understand your deep-set desires and help you fulfill them.
  • We can aid you in understanding Spirituality, through looking inward, which is its basic preaching.
  • We can help you understand your need for the material (wealth, desires, lust, etc.) and where it stems from.
  • We can help you uncover the belief system that binds you to the old and restricts your growth in many aspects of your life.
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  • SS as a way of healing plays a very important part in my life. Few years back i was going through a lot of personal problems related to my relationship with my friends...i was very depressed. I got to know about healing through Eliza, who is just like an elder sister to me. She has always been very patient in listening to all my problems and showing me ways through healing..i would recommend this process to everyone and not just those who have problems because this process teaches you to accept things and see and understand life through a positive way.

    Shivani Arora
  • Each and every person in her/his life needs a master guide especially when you want to follow the path of spiritualism. I'm very fortunate that in this journey of mine which I have started recently with Eliza (who is my master guide) has become one of the world's best journey. She is very sweet, grounded and always motivates me, helps me and guides me towards the path of spiritualism. All the doubts that I had in mind when I started my workshop of SS basic were cleared by Eliza. She has changed my thought process, now I feel that I can face any situation that comes in front of me and also find out the solution of that problem. Under her guidance I was able to come out of the problem that I had been facing from past 5 years. She is a dynamic teacher. After attending Eliza's workshop you realize that you're in good hands to take a deep dive into your liberation and learn skills you can utilize for a lifetime.

    Aparna Gupta
  • It was an empowering understanding, beautifully presented. Rarely I open up in groups but today truly felt at home. An amazing experience. May u scale new heights.

    Kanhaiya Lal Bhatia
  • SS has been an important path for me in terms of understanding and getting a broader picture of my life. I feel I have grown a lot more than I could in my life since the time I've learnt this form of healing and spirituality.i have gained the ability to face myself and understand every aspect of life and deal with it with faith and courage.i got into SS due to my stuckedness for growth and I still feel stuck at times but this whole new art of healing has given me a strength to face that stuckedness. I learnt this art from Eliza who is an amazingly comforting and polite SS teacher. The best thing about her is her ability to answer all the silliest queries and doubts that I come up with and carries the patience to explain them fully. She always tells me to make SS a way of life. This encourages me to face myself and my problems with more courage and this has immensely helped me grow and removed my stuckedness to a great extent. I am thankful to her and SS for this beautiful path which eventually has become a way of my life and is still in the ever-evolving process.

    Simerpreet Kaur

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